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We specialize in strategic planning, training, and executive coaching to help organizations succeed.

“SRL Solutions helped us clarify our goals and create a plan of action to achieve them. The strategic plan, training, and ongoing support has been integral to our growth over the last three years.”

We blend vision thinking with the practical realities of not-for-profit organizations to create strategic plans that actually get used.

Sara Roach-Lewis has a deep understanding of the challenges associated with strategic planning in not-for-profit organizations. 

How do you create a strategic plan that actually guides the work of the organization and doesn’t simply collect digital dust bunnies until someone reminds you it’s time to do another strat plan.

Sara believes that strategic plans should be visionary and also answer the question, “so what do we do tomorrow to make that happen,” 

She’s developed a process for strategic planning that makes space for the 30,000 foot view and the practical realities of the folks working on the ground. 

With this awareness, she tailors her strategic planning process to ensure it aligns with the organization’s capabilities and aspirations.

Sara’s expertise in strategic planning empowers not-for-profit organizations to create roadmaps that are practical, actionable, and impactful. 

She provides both board and ED with a simple strategic plan and tools to ensure it gets implemented. 

Experienced training and coaching.

Our training and coaching sessions provide invaluable insights and guidance for your not-for-profit organization.

Our focus areas are team planning, conflict prevention, creative problem solving, and Positive Intelligence, a trauma-informed approach to mental fitness, self-care, and tools for improving team communications.

Empower your organization with SRL Solutions.