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The business help you need to survive the pandemic.

A plan to keep your business and your sanity intact.

In business and in life, everything has changed. Pre-COVID plans are out the window. Women are worrying about their businesses, yet, with so much going on, struggle to find energy and focus for it.

Most of them don’t have a plan of action, and it will cost them dearly over the coming months. But if your business has a realistic Action Plan, you can survive. And before this crisis is over, you’ll be ready to thrive.

For your business to thrive again, it must survive now. We help you:

See the post-pandemic path forward without all the fog

Find new opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t see

Develop a realistic and practical plan to achieve your goals

Grow your business, even during tough times

Meet your Advisor

My name is Sara. I help women grow their businesses bigger than they imagine possible on their own terms. Even during times of a pandemic. I’d love to help you do the same.

We work exclusively with women business owners.

We know your work and your world are a blend and the plans we help you make account for that.

Our clients are usually (but not always) service-based businesses with not enough time to make everything happen.

Some of our clients include:

A Simple Plan for Complicated Times

Work with me

We will review your business to look for profit leaks, revenue opportunities and the best path forward.

Create a Plan

Together we’ll create a plan that is specifically designed to first, ensure your business survives this and then grows.

Get Results

The pandemic can’t keep you down now. You’ll have the tools and the roadmap you need to work smarter, survive the crisis, and grow your business again.

It’s easy to get started

“With only one session, I’ve had my best month yet.”

Jill Stewart, Your Life Design


You don’t have to walk away from your bold vision

You had a dream and a plan for 2020 and it didn’t include a pandemic. Yet here we are. You’re exhausted. But you’re also tough and dedicated. You are the kind of ambitious woman who wants your business to succeed despite these challenging times.

For that to happen, you need a plan that cuts through the things you thought were important pre-COVID and prepare your business for this new reality. The problem is your energy is weird, time keeps speeding up and slowing down and everything is so uncertain, which makes you feel like your decision-making is cloudy.

These days it is hard to see the forest for the trees, which is why we believe a trusted advisor has never been more important for small business owners. As a small firm, we get it! It takes help to understand what you can control, what you can’t and where to focus.

Here’s how it works: We work together to create a customized plan. You see the results that come from having the right plan. And the tools and strategies to stay focused despite all that’s going on. You will be immediately ahead of the game because you will be one of the few business owners who are being proactive right now.

The help you need to see clearly is here.
The time to move forward with confidence is now.