The ultimate system to double your revenues without that hamster wheel feeling.

The Entrepreneur Planning Program

Learning to CEO is tough.

You hear the same message over and over – spend time working ‘on your business,’ not just ‘in your business’ but what the heck does that even mean? And who has time for that when you’re focused on client work?

Can I ease your mind a bit? Most people don’t really know the difference. But it’s actually pretty simple.

Working IN your business is the money-making, billable hours, client-facing work you do. Working ON your business is designing, planning, and refining your business. It’s the stuff that helps you grow your business but doesn’t directly produce revenues.

It’s the new website, social media presence, sales funnel, content marketing, onboarding process, effective accounting systems. The list is endless.

It’s all-important stuff but it’s overwhelming to know where to focus. Especially when entrepreneurship is not what you studied and you have no formal training in it.

We have what you’re craving. A simple framework that helps you identify and focus on one or two things that will grow your business. Our training and coaching program provides you with a fully customized and immediately actionable plan for your business. AND the tools you need to just get better and better the business side of your business.

You Don’t Have to Be Confused Anymore

You know your business better than anyone else on the planet. We help you look at it differently, but no less lovingly. We help you find the data, the key nuggets, and the core truths. We help you build a solid,  yet flexible plan so that you can:

Save time - building a solid business with exponential growth means editing, not adding.

Make more money - a plan that focuses on what you do best is how you grow exponentially

Feel better about yourself - you can be the expert your clients need you to be AND the entrepreneur your business needs you to be

Work with me

This program includes the Entrepreneur’s Planning Program curriculum, group training sessions, and 1-1 coaching & planning sessions.

Create a Plan

Together we’ll create a plan that is specifically designed to immediately help you grow your business while learning to work ‘on your business’.

Get Results

Call yourself an entrepreneur and mean it. You’ll have the tools and the roadmap you need to confidently double your revenues

Meet your Advisor

My name is Sara and I help women grow their businesses bigger than they imagine possible without sacrificing their lives.

Did you know that less than 2% of women-owned businesses hit the million-dollar milestone in their business? Whether you have a bold ambition or a secret desire to be wildly successful, I am on a mission to help women build their confidence and business skills. To call themselves CEO’s and mean it. To build the business of their dreams. To hit 7-figures and beyond.

Sara gets me and that’s rare

Sarah Benetto O'Brien,

The Handpie Company

Sara has the same lived experience as a consultant and business owner. It’s important for me to learn from someone who has been through the struggle.

Corrie Melanson

Corrie Melanson Consulting

A clear path to grow your business bigger than you imagine possible. Even during a pandemic.


The Entrepreneur Planning Program Milestones: 

Complete Business Assessment

Plan of Immediate Action designed to increase your revenues before the program is even complete

90 Day Plan Canvas that gets you doubling your revenues in the next 12 months

What is the Entrepreneur Planning Program?
A 90 Day program that includes:

A comprehensive curriculum that teaches you how to turn your vision into reality, one quarter at a time.


Complete access to the Entrepreneur Planning System that shows you the only planning system that works for women business owners who want to grow a business that works for their life (and not the other way around)


Tools and templates to help you better understand your own business, including spreadsheets that make understanding your numbers fun and enjoyable (it’s possible, I promise)


Busy entrepreneur-sized worksheets that help you see what’s important and how to only focus on that

A Dashboard to track your wins and keep your big picture goals front and center

Five individual calls with Sara to solely focus on your business, your needs, and your plan

Bi-weekly Group Calls to help you implement, learn from your peers and keep your momentum going

Ongoing support between calls through an Online Community and Voxer (a really great free messaging app because biz challenges don’t always conveniently arrive on coaching call day!)

Networking opportunities with other ambitious women entrepreneurs.

We work exclusively with women business owners.

We know your work and your world are a blend and the business planning process you learn in this program takes that into consideration. In fact, we build one personal goal into each quarter. Building in time to focus on you is key to your long term business success.

This program works best for ambitious women who want to grow their service-based business. Your plan will look different depending upon your revenues and your stage of business but the Entrepreneur Planning Program will work for you.

Some of our clients include:

I negotiated a $20,000 contract for my services in less than two months of working the Entrepreneur Planning System. Before that, I was selling my services on an hourly basis.

Jill Stewart

Your LIfe by Design

In the first month I worked with the Entrepreneur Planning System, I tripled my revenues. I didn’t think that was possible during the pandemic.

Patti Larsen

Author, Coach & Course Creator

I’d been dithering and procrastinating launching an ecourse I’d been developing for the better part of a year, but within 3 months of Sara’s firm but gentle guidance, I not only launched my course, but I also created a doable plan for subsequent ones. 

Christine Gordon Manley

A Simple Plan, Big Results

At SRL Solutions, we know you are an expert learning to become a successful and profitable entrepreneur and CEO. In order to do that, you need business knowledge and confidence in your decision-making. The problem is you don’t know how to prioritize the dozens of things you could do to grow, which is frustrating.

You know your business intimately and it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, which is why we believe a trusted advisor is critically important for small business owners. As a small firm, we get it! It takes help to understand what you can control, what you can’t, and where to focus.

Here’s how it works: We work together to create a customized plan. You see the results that come from having the right plan. And the tools and strategies to work on your business. You will be immediately ahead of the game because most people struggle with the business side of their business rather than getting help, learning, and growing.

The help you need to see clearly is here.

The time to move forward with confidence is now.