When Three Months of No’s Gets You a $30 Million Yes

Episode Description

In this episode of Breakthrough, host Sara Roach-Lewis talks with Meg Epstein, Real Estate Developer and Private Equity Fund Manager. Meg is the founder of CA South, a boutique real estate development firm based in Nashville that is literally changing the Nashville landscape. She’s been successfully merging her Millennial perspective with her design prowess to create buildings that focus on efficiency, lower-maintenance lifestyles, and urban revitalization. From wanting a career as a real-estate developer during an economically fragile time to exploring creative funding paths, Meg has remained a solid force in the (traditionally-male) Nashville real-estate market. Tune in to hear Sara and Meg discuss what it’s like to work in a male-dominated industry, especially when you are the boss. Additionally, Meg shares how vital strategy and data are to good decision making and how you can make the numbers game work for you, even when facing a whole lot of “no”s.

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

podcastLeading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your BusinessEpisode Description: In this special live broadcast episode of Breakthrough, Sara and her panel of guests will talk about coronavirus and how to manage the uncertainty for your business, support your team, and...