When it is Too Hot in the Kitchen: A Holistic Approach to Business

Episode Description

In this episode of Breakthrough, Sara Roach Lewis speaks with Patty Howard, owner and founder of Kitchen Door, a multi-million-dollar catering, food delivery, and culinary event company. From cooking on a four-burner stove and doing everything herself to managing a team and hiring people who can do the job better than herself, Patty shares with Sara her journey to success over the past 11 years. Sara and Patty candidly discuss whether women do business differently and how to manage “working hurt” as a business owner. Tune in to hear Patty speak on the importance of mental health for entrepreneurs and how she calls on compassion, extending what she calls “emotional bank deposits” while overseeing her team in a nurturing manner.Patty also shares how she extends compassion to herself while managing a successful company in an industry that often has its members, quite literally, run off their feet.

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

podcastLeading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your BusinessEpisode Description: In this special live broadcast episode of Breakthrough, Sara and her panel of guests will talk about coronavirus and how to manage the uncertainty for your business, support your team, and...