Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

by | Oct 26, 2021 | blog, mindset, Self Care

Stop judging the heck out of yourself and others.

It’s time to start making generous assumptions. That means giving people grace. Showing kindness and extending goodwill. 

It means assuming people’s intentions are positive even if we don’t see that in their actions. 

Generous Assumptions Grow Your Business

As you focus on ambitious growth, having good relationships is crucial. And assuming that everyone is doing the best they can is a key to developing and strengthening relationships. 

We must reserve judgment because everyone is living a life you know nothing about. And, reserving judgment builds trust with those around you, which leads to better relationships.

This is also not nearly as altruistic as it might sound. 

Sometimes you will need/want/hope to receive grace from others. And so you can ask for grace and usually receive it because you put in the work of building relationships.  

But here’s the thing: We can’t be generous with others if we’re not generous with ourselves. 

Remember: You’re also doing the best you can. 

Making generous assumptions starts with yourself. Being open to the assumptions that others may have about you.

Here’s some advice to help you embrace the uncomfortable openness of being a vulnerable leader. 

Vulnerability & Leadership 

Being a vulnerable leader, in a nutshell, means being honest and transparent about your struggles. And allowing others to connect with you emotionally. 

Increasing research about vulnerability and leadership shows that every aspect of business has an emotional component. 

So rather than shrinking away from emotions… enjoy your ability to make people comfortable enough to share their own.  

How To Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

It is hard to put yourself out there. Especially these days when the world seems especially harsh and polarizing.  

  • Don’t hold yourself to a higher standard than you would hold a friend or colleague. Allow your team to see your vulnerabilities without fear or shame that it negatively impacts their impression of your leadership.
  • Remember: It’s also hard for other people to put themselves out there. You can respectfully disagree with them. You can listen and be curious. 
  • Talk about your own experience. Make it easier for others to open up and ask for help. A business coach who talks about their personal budgeting challenges makes it easier for their students to talk about similar struggles. 

As much as we hate to admit it … we’re human. Being comfortable with vulnerability helps us make generous assumptions towards others — and ourselves.  


As society views leadership at times (i.e. Tough. Masculine. Stoic), there’s less room for emotions, vulnerability, or feeling exposed. It’s up to us to reimagine leadership.

The good news is that expressing vulnerability and being honest with ourselves and others has massive benefits in life and business.   

It’s easy to slip into judgment until you remember that the full dimensions of who someone is becomes lost when we write them off as a stereotype. 

And if it’s difficult to be generous towards others, we judge ourselves even more harshly than we do others.

Whether it’s a powerhouse entrepreneur or a frazzled server at the end of a long shift, they are doing the best they can at the moment they are in, with the tools they have. And so are you. 




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