Decrease Stress And Confusion With A Two-Week Sprint Review

by | Jan 13, 2022 | blog, Business Planning

One of my favorite planning tools are two-week sprint reviews.


Sprint reviews are an opportunity for business owners to look at their overall 90-day plan. 

Then, you can easily decide which tasks and projects are priorities for business growth.

Many entrepreneurs constantly add more pots to the stove, but that can lead to burnout in no time. 

With routine two-week sprint reviews, you keep a clear, tight feedback loop. 

A tight feedback loop keeps you on track to hit your goals by causing you to reflect:

  • What’s working in my business?
  • What’s NOT working?
  • How can I improve my business?

That means each new project or task aligns with your vision for growth. (ie: You’re not slowing your growth by chasing a new, shiny idea every week.)

How do two-week reviews work? Let’s see:


Sample of a Two-Week Sprint Review


Here’s the chart that I use for two-week reviews in my own business:

Sprint Review Worksheet

On a separate sheet, I keep a list of my goals, projects I want to focus on for the next 90-day quarter, any in-process client work, and my daily activities (such as meditation breaks). 

I recommend limiting yourself to only one or two big projects at once. Client work and 90-day projects are how I group mine.

Next, I run a decision engine against each item listed above. 

Asking yourself, “What do I need to start doing? Stop doing, continue doing, do more and do less of?” will help narrow down which projects are a priority.


Planning For Results


Does the two-week sprint review system work?

Recently, I wrote my book She Rules , and it was a big, exciting project! 

But I also had a large client project that included several moving parts (such as creating a workbook curriculum and recording training videos). It was also a big, exciting project!

When I ran a sprint review on my business, the feedback clearly showed I had split my focus in too many directions.  

I realized I wasn’t following my own advice about focusing on one or two large projects at a time! 

The sprint review made me recognize that I needed to prioritize the time-sensitive client work and pause my book (until the client work was complete). 

I understand that sometimes these decisions are hard. 

It’s hard to decide to pause a project that is important to you. A project that you believe will increase the value of your business.

In the long run, you will be able to focus more clearly and produce better work once you stop spreading yourself among too many tasks at once. 

Ultimately, you want your two-week reviews to include room for growth and self-care; these are the two vital components for sustainable growth. 


Include White Space in Your Artwork


Did you try a sprint review in the past and find it difficult?

Here’s a mindset shift for you:

Remind yourself that postponing Project A for the next two weeks to focus on Project B is unlikely to alter your quarterly accomplishments. 

It may feel like you’ll never get anything finished. But during one meal, we still find time to squeeze in a dessert after completing the appetizer and entrée.  

I promise that if you push yourself to limit distractions and focus, you are more likely to achieve your 90-day goal. 

Some silver-lining:

You may even discover that pausing for two weeks helps you complete secondary projects faster than when you do everything in one epic push. 




Start running two-week sprint reviews in your business. 

You will learn how to step back and look at your projects from a birds’-eye view. To make sure they are running exactly the way you want them to.

And you might be pleasantly surprised. I really hadn’t slowed down in my business until I started running reviews.





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