Expert Advice on Outsourcing Outcomes and Risks

Episode Description

Our latest Breakthrough guest is Trivinia Barber, founder of Priority VA. An on-line staffing company, Priority VA, helps entrepreneurs scale and grow their teams quickly.
In this episode, host Sara Roach-Lewis asks Trivinia how she grew her solo enterprise into a multiple seven- figure business where she manages 80+ virtual assistants and 6 staff.
Tune in to hear this expert networker and entrepreneur speak candidly about outsourcing—how she’s learned to outsource even the tasks she’s really good at to benefit her business and why she believes in outsourcing outcomes over tasks. Trivinia, who admits to being adverse to risk, has ingeniously found a way to outsource risk in her business!
This host of the podcast “The Diary of a Doer” doesn’t hold back when speaking to Sara about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship in a way that is inspiring, honest, and just plain refreshing.

Guest Bio

Trivinia Barber is a real-world business development pro who helps entrepreneurs scale their business, sharpen their leadership, and build great teams.
The key to Trivinia’s expertise is her proprietary framework The Momentum Method™, which helps businesses navigate the interplay between their products, people, and processes to achieve greater growth and more efficiency.