Think like a lobster Spotting opportunities on the business path

Episode Description

In this first episode of Breakthrough on VoiceAmerica, Sara Roach-Lewis chats with lifetime friend, accountant, and multiple seven-figure entrepreneur Susan Richards. As the CFO, co-founder, and managing partner of Ottawa-based Numbercrunch. Tune in to this episode where Sara and Susan explore the different paths each of them took to get where they are today as business owners. Sara and Susan share how all of their experiences have transferred and brought value to their entrepreneurial lifestyle. Throughout their conversation, which also explores the idea of “false highs” in entrepreneurship, the value and timing of embarking on a partnership, and self-care pairings (such as the “walk and talk”), you’ll notice a strong theme of spotting opportunity and being inspired to create something. Whether you operate a restaurant or own a fishing business, your driving force to success must be born from inspiration.

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

podcastLeading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your BusinessEpisode Description: In this special live broadcast episode of Breakthrough, Sara and her panel of guests will talk about coronavirus and how to manage the uncertainty for your business, support your team, and...