The Silly Season

by | Aug 23, 2021 | blog, mindset, Self Care

These past few weeks in my world have been full of so much goodness. I have always delighted in ‘the silly season’ – summer on PEI when everyone comes home and those of us who live here try to squeeze in beach days, bonfires, barbecues, and long evenings on the deck around jobs, kids, parents and our usual responsibilities. 

I’ve always taken some time off in the summer but this year, I decided to work mostly half days. It has allowed me to enjoy time with friends and family who haven’t been home in two years. To soak in the conversations, the experiences, and the just ‘being’ with my people who I always took for granted would come home each summer. It will be a long time before we take travel for granted again!

What a difference a year can make, in many different ways. This time last year, I was drowning in work and struggling to imagine how I would keep all the balls in the air. I didn’t take much time off because there was too much work to do…and no one to visit. 

Since then, I have hired a business manager who is helping me only focus on hiring a team, getting systems and processes running, and only doing the work that I do best. The result: I can work mostly half days this summer and not feel like I’m drowning. 

I continue to do things that are challenging – I’ve learned that book writing is really enjoyable except when it is agonizing. But it is wonderful to transition to a stage of business where I am spending more time doing what I do best, by hiring folks to do what they do best.

I’m launching a new program in the fall that will teach you exactly how to get your business to the next level. With fun new challenges, not the same ones you’ve been circling for a few years now.





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