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Sherry Deutschmann used to feel inferior for only having a high school education, but this seven-figure earner now realizes the value of something more important than credentials — empathy.
In this episode of Breakthrough, host Sara Roach Lewis chats with Sherry about her journey, from not being able to afford electricity to becoming a multi-millionaire. Using only filing cabinets she bought from Goodwill, Sherry founded LetterLogic, a company she grew to 40 million dollars in annual revenues and over 50 staff before selling in 2016.
Recognized as a White House Champion of Change by President Obama, Sherry now runs BrainTrust, which helps women reach that first pivotal milestone: the first million-dollar mark. A longtime advocate for employee rights and fair living wages, Sherry truly believes that if you put your staff first, you will be rewarded.
Tune in to hear the story of this remarkable ambitious woman and get ready to start telling your clients they don’t actually come first!

Guest Bio

Sherry Deutschmann is the CEO and Founder of BrainTrust, LLC – a peer-to-peer membership organization for women business owners, and was the CEO of LetterLogic, Inc, a company she founded and grew to $40 Million before selling it in 2016. LetterLogic was named an INC 5000 company for 11 consecutive years.
Sherry attributes the success of LetterLogic to its unique culture in which the needs of the employees came before those of the customer or shareholder. That culture led the company to be recognized by the NY Times, Forbes Magazine, Business Leaders, INC., and Fast Company.
Sherry served as a member of the National Women’s Business Council in Washington, DC and was a 2009 winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women award. In 2012, she received the international Women’s Presidents Organization’s Mary Lehman McLachlan Economic Empowerment Award.
Sherry’s book Lunch with Lucy, Transformational Leadership Through Empathy, will be released in March 2020.

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