Restore Your Surge Capacity 3 Ways

by | Dec 7, 2021 | blog, mindset, Self Care

If you’re feeling  overwhelmed or ground down from the 20 months (but who’s counting)  of pandemic life, you’re in good company. We are all feeling it in different ways…

We have an energy reserve that powers us through events like natural disasters. It’s part of our short-term survival.

This mental and physical energy reserve is known as surge capacity. 

But the COVID pandemic is different because an incredibly stressful event has stretched over such a long period. It feels indefinite.

So our surge capacity has depleted, and it needs renewal. But how can we renew ourselves when intense stress becomes chronic?  

There are three areas of life where you can begin growing surge capacity. Read on.   

1) Internal Capacity 

We often focus on our business and forget about ourselves as a whole person. We see the big picture and forget to connect with ourselves.

Here are a few ideas to break this pattern:

  • “Trick” yourself into self-care. It’s easier to tell yourself that you will only be at the gym for five minutes than it is to schedule a 45-minute routine. But, once you finish five minutes you are more likely to continue exercising for five more… then 10 more… and eventually you tricked yourself into completing a full routine! 
  • Listen to your body. You know what you can do and what you can’t. The more you listen to the ebbs and flows, they will talk back.
  • Stay firm. Once you decide to do XYZ (e.g. Eat healthier), don’t skip two days in a row. Build up those good habits and don’t allow them to fall apart. 

Keep stepping towards your internal goals for the next 90 days. I guarantee you’ll feel more complete.  

2) Your Environment  

Create an intentional world for yourself. It’s a vital step that recharges your surge capacity. 

  • Learn to say NO. Do you know the pressure you feel to stay an extra hour after work and make a good impression? Ditch it. Get comfortable with people being wrong about you. This is hard, but practice makes it come naturally. 
  • Outsource projects. As a business owner, it’s difficult handing away tasks that we feel comfortable doing ourselves. But, when we ask for help it frees up time that we can spend on more consequential projects. 
  • Reconnect with a supportive circle. Surround yourself with a community that helps you when you need it. And offers a kick in the butt when you need it. 

When you adjust your environment to one that recharges your surge capacity, you can focus less on survival and more on growing your business.

3) Business Snapshot

Ultimately, you want to have significant business growth AND a life that lets you turn lemons into lemonade.  

But many entrepreneurs get stuck on the “lemon” part. 

So, my #1 tip to help you renew the surge capacity in your business is: stack your wins. 

To build a business that works around your life — instead of living a life that you need to plan around your business — you must do the things you excel at! 

Sounds easy enough. But how do we find our talents in the first place? 

By stacking our wins. 

Make a note of each win. Then, do more of what got you to that win… and less of what doesn’t.

One way to note each win is by bragging about them, just like you might complain about losses. Turn the moment into a tiny celebration and feel your surge capacity soar!


Once you assess your life and seize opportunities to recharge yourself, you’ll be able to outlast the stress and frustration of a year-long pandemic.  

And don’t forget:

  1. As long as your good habits outweigh the bad, you are headed in the right direction.
  2. This too shall pass.



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