Breakthrough with Sara Roach-Lewis

Breakthrough is for women business owners who want to hit the million dollar mark (& beyond) in their business. It features interviews with the ambitious ones who have already shattered this goal.

Would it shock you to know that less than 2% of women owned businesses in North America ever achieve a million dollars a year in revenue? Why is that? And how do we dramatically increase that number?

What characteristics, methods, mindsets, do these powerful business women have that you can learn from as you press forward on your journey to success? What obstacles did they face, opportunities did they identify, and paths did they forge (or trails did they blaze) to hit this milestone?  

Listen weekly for inspiration, motivation, and lessons to guide your own “breakthrough”.

I never used to take this kind of time, but hearing that this level of hustle is totally okay and that there’s a crew of us ambitious women out there in the world has been amazing for me. It’s like listening to a table full of friends talk about their journeys each week.

Sarah Bennetto O’Brien, The PEI Handpie Company

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

podcastLeading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your BusinessEpisode Description: In this special live broadcast episode of Breakthrough, Sara and her panel of guests will talk about coronavirus and how to manage the uncertainty for your business, support your team, and...

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