How One Woman Turned a Necessary Evil into a Global Business

Episode Description:

Have you ever spent time stressing over a necessary evil in your business and wishing it would just go away? Our latest Breakthrough guest turned her irritation into several massive businesses.
Monica Eaton-Cardone is the co-founder of Chargebacks911, a division of Global Risk Technologies, which manages over 200 million global transactions each month.
Fed up of being penalized in her online retail space for “chargebacks” (forced transactions that occur when a customer contacts their bank for help, rather than the retailer), Monica dove into this unfamiliar world to create the software needed to help her predict chargeback risk and mitigate fraud.
Chargebacks911 started as a joke, but in mere weeks, Monica was flooded with media requests and calls from banks seeking advice on chargebacks.
Tune in to hear Monica share with Sara Roach Lewis her strategies for working in a super-fast industry and how growing up on a ranch instilled skills she continues to use in the boardroom.

Guest Bio:

Monica Eaton-Cardone is an international entrepreneur, speaker, author and industry thought leader. She is the co-founder and chief operations officer of Chargebacks911, the first global company fully dedicated to mitigating chargeback risk and eliminating chargeback fraud.
Chargebacks911 is a division of Global Risk Technologies, which Ms. Eaton-Cardone co-founded and serves as chief information officer. Global Risk Technologies manages more than 200 million global transactions each month.