Resilient Businesses: How To Develop A Mindset That Overcomes

by | Sep 28, 2021 | blog, Business Planning, mindset

Resilience is your ability to bounce back. 

Our businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. We have personal lives, and we have our businesses. 

Things happen in both of those areas, and there is spillover. 

We need to be able to bounce back so we can keep moving forward. 

Having a clear vision calls us home when we feel lost or discouraged.  

Think of your business mission as a lighthouse that keeps you on course. Resilient against unpredictable ocean waves.

My father had several characteristics that any resilient business leader should apply.

Here’s his story.

My parents were both commercial lobster fishermen.  My dad started fishing when he was 14 with his dad, and he just loved what he did. It was the core of who he was. He came from a long, long line of fishermen.  

Unfortunately, my dad also had a bad back. 

He had undiagnosed scoliosis, and smashing around on fishing boats did nothing to help it.  After 35 years of fishing, he was in constant agony and had to stop fishing.

It was difficult. 

But he continued to believe in himself. He maintained an abundant mindset. One that always looked at the positive. These are three mindset shifts I also help my clients master in my course, 7-Figure Confidence.

My dad’s powerful vision and mindset helped him bounce back from his physical limitations. 

Eventually, he seized the opportunity to open a marine supply shop in our little town of 1,500 people.

He always was in pain, but he stayed an incredibly happy person. A total optimist. Someone who could see the good in everything. 

When he went on long-term disability from his shop in his mid-fifties, he still didn’t let that keep him from what he loved. 

He had a little pleasure boat, and he would go fishing every day he could. That was his idea of heaven. 

Despite the limited mobility my dad experienced after a stroke, he continued to talk about fishing. Planning fishing trips until his last days. 

His optimism, outlook, and resilience taught me that you can have a very difficult life and still find extraordinary joy in the big and the little things.

I’m proud to say that I adopted his vision-focused mindset as my own. In a sense, my life’s work has been to take the characteristics that my father gave me and teach them to women business leaders. 

My business mission is to help 1,000 women hit seven-figures in the next 5 years.

This is the lighthouse that guides me because I believe that gender equality can solve all of the world’s problems. 

I believe that more wealth in the hands of women means more wealth in the hands of all of us. It means better communities for everyone. 

Having that vision helps me orient myself towards the greater good that I hope to achieve in my business, and that is what helps me bounce back. That helps me be resilient.

I want to dedicate this post in memory of my dad, who continues to inspire me to pursue an impactful career that empowers women entrepreneurs. A career that lights me up every day.




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