Learning to Turn ‘Off’ While Working in a 24-7 Industry

Episode Description:

In the latest episode of Breakthrough, we meet Katherine Fleischman, founder and CEO of Do Tell PR, a boutique PR firm based in Miami, Florida.
Katherine started her business straight out of grad school and invested her 20s growing and stabilizing both her PR firm and her work processes. From working out of her bedroom office for a year to now bringing in seven-figure revenues, Katherine opens up about what it meant to create a business during a time when her peers were focused on other priorities.
Tune in to hear host Sara Roach Lewis chat with Katherine about being a remote worker—the challenges, the perks, and the realities in a 24/7 social media world.
Is working in PR the equivalent of being a “professional stalker”? What role does PR play in business? How important is building relationships in business? And how do you turn yourself off when you work in an industry that never sleeps?
All these things are covered in this episode of Breakthrough—don’t miss it!

Guest Bio:

Katherine Fleischman is the founder and CEO of Do Tell PR, a boutique PR firm based in Miami, Florida.
Do Tell PR offers a range of specialized services such as branding, marketing, event planning, placements in top-tier magazine and blogs, media training for speaking engagements, and sponsorship/partnership opportunities.
Do Tell PR prides itself on strong relationships developed with editors, journalists, producers and bloggers around the U.S and internationally, garnering a variety of media placements in different outlets.
Our all-around, tailored approach hones in on each of the client’s PR needs. Our clients range from authors, lifestyle, home, and experts to fashion, accessories and beauty and our clients live all across the world.

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