Inside the Change Room: Finding Joy in Discomfort

Episode Description

In this episode of Breakthrough, host Sara Roach-Lewis talks to Julia Campbell, co-owner of several family businesses and designer of her own clothing line. A direct descendent of the author of the beloved Anne of Green Gables series, Julia has both passion for her home province of Prince Edward Island, where the fictional series is set, and a drive to succeed, despite limitations a small place can have. Julia talks about coming home, after travelling the world, to a place where only 150,000 live and how she’s grown the family enterprise, expanding to the multiple seven-figures mark. Tune in to hear Julia and Sara discuss how recognizing the details in business is critical for success, knowing when to “level up,” the value of transparency, and why being uncomfortable should bring you joy and set you up for growth. The two also touch on how women-led businesses are run differently and the empowerment that practising confidence can have.

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

E24: Leading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your Business

podcastLeading through Crisis: COVID-19 & Your BusinessEpisode Description: In this special live broadcast episode of Breakthrough, Sara and her panel of guests will talk about coronavirus and how to manage the uncertainty for your business, support your team, and...