A Positive Work Culture and Strong Organic Growth Leads Canada’s InGenius to 8 Figures

Episode Description:

After being laid off from middle management, Dale Gantous’ colleague showed up at her door with business cards that had her named as President of a non-existent company entitled InGenius.
Dale decided to take the leap and InGenius, a successful consulting business, was formed serving giants such as Nortel. But with the dot com burst, Dale and InGenius had to pivot- and fast. Through perseverance (and several iterations,) InGenius was there to answer a need in the marketplace, developing a premier software for the call center industry. The leap paid off and by working with clients such as LinkedIn, Expedia, Gap, Bank of New York Mellon, and VMware, InGenius grew to eight figures.
Tune in to this week’s Breakthrough to hear Dale discuss her 23 year journey in business, advice on selling a company, and not only how to get to seven figures but what it takes to get to eight.

Guest Bio:

Dale Gantous is an executive with now 40 (FORTY!) years of management, sales, technical and financial experience in the software and telecom sectors. She has a Bachelor of Science Honors in Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science, from McGill University.
Dale began her career in Telesat Canada’s Space Systems Department, where she first specialized in satellite control systems and software development –beginning her career as a proverbial rocket scientist.
From 1996 to 2019, Dale was CEO and co-owner of InGenius, starting as a consulting firm and pivoting to become a premier software provider to the call center industry. In October 2019, InGenius was acquired by Upland Software, and today, Dale is General Manager of Upland InGenius.

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