30 Years of Lessons: From Serviced Based Solopreneur to Software-as-a-Service, Seven-Figure Success

Episode Description:

Dr. Suzanne Simpson started HRSG in order to remove the pain from business’ important HR processes. In order to remove the pain from growing your business, she joins Sara Roach Lewis on a new episode of Breakthrough to talk about the lumps and bumps she’s experienced over the last thirty years as she grew from solopreneur to seven figure international success.
Dr. Simpson, President, CEO and founder of Human Resource Systems Group Ltd., doesn’t sugar coat what it takes to grow. What happens when it’s questioned whether you’re the right one to be the CEO of the company you started? What happens when a concussion forces you to improvise a backup plan that takes years to recover from? And how does your daughter’s book entitled Mommy’s At The Office All The Time play out over the years?
Tune in as Dr. Simpson shares important lessons guaranteed to apply to you wherever you are on your path to seven figures.

Guest Bio:

Dr. Suzanne Simpson is the CEO and founder of HRSG, a leading Canadian company established in 1989, providing integrated competency-based talent management solutions for organizations worldwide, including SaaS software, competency content, services, and training.
Suzanne provides the vision, strategic direction, and inspiration for HRSG’s continuing success, customer loyalty, and its evolving CompetencyCore SaaS software. Her acute business acumen has enabled HRSG to break into markets worldwide.
Suzanne is involved in all major business development activities, as well as representing the company as a thought-leader in competency-based talent management solutions.

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