Is Your Business a Vitamin or a Pain Killer? Knowing the Difference Led CurlMix to 7 Figures

Episode Description:

Is Your Business A Vitamin Or A Pain Killer? When Kimberly Lewis, co founder of CurlMix, organic products for curly hair, realized she was selling a vitamin and not the solution to her customers’ pain, she stopped in her tracks and pivoted with lightning speed. Leaving product, marketing and money spent behind to give her customers what they told her they wanted paid off quickly.
On this week’s episode of Breakthrough, join Sara Roach Lewis as she talks with the millennial entrepreneur about turning her business on its head and how in less than five years she scaled to a $12 million valuation- with $5.5 million in sales last year alone.
Kimberly is transparent about the sacrifices that are required when seeking funding, turning down an offer from Shark Tank, her billion dollar plans and the free in-house genius who helped make it all happen.

Guest Bio:

Kimberly Lewis is the co-founder of CurlMix, a clean beauty brand for curly hair. Kim and Tim, her husband and co-founder, were featured on Season 10 of Shark Tank, a critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy Award-winning reality show.
With a bachelor’s degree in Logistics & Marketing from the University of Illinois and a relentless drive, Kim has bootstrapped CurlMix to over a million in sales in just 12 months. Shortly after Shark Tank, Kim also raised a seed investment of $1.2M from the CEO of LinkedIn and other partners and grew CurlMix to over $5.5 Million in sales in a calendar year. 
Recently Kim was featured on Forbes 30 Under List and gave birth to her second baby boy in 2 years. Kim and Tim now operate a manufacturing facility in Chicago and maintain a full-time staff of 20+ employees, employing minorities, working moms, and women while enjoying her growing family.

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