Think a Business Committed to Doing Social Good Can’t Scale? Virtual Gurus is Proof that it Can

Episode Description:

Starting with just $300, Bobbie Racette built a seven-figure business in under three years. Even more impressive than her revenue is the massive social impact of her award-winning business, Virtual Gurus.
Join Sara Roach Lewis on Breakthrough as she talks with Bobbie about building a business with a mandate to do good and paying employees a fair wage in an industry that is typically a race to the bottom.
They talk about Bobbie’s unwavering commitment to hiring marginalized people and using innovative technology to match entrepreneurs with their perfect Virtual Assistant.
Virtual Gurus is proof positive that with clear mentorship and a social purpose, businesses and lives can thrive.

Guest Bio:

Bobbie is the Founder and She-EO of Virtual Gurus, a Talent as a Service Solution platform that matches its users with the perfect North American Remote Assistants and Freelancers by using matchmaking algorithms.
Recently named both Canada’s Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Prairies Region by Startup Canada, Bobbie is an unstoppable force in the Canadian startup community.
She is a Cree-Metis woman who prides herself on building an inclusivity-first company, championing for indigenous people and the LGBTQ+ community. She is a natural leader, sharing her passion by mentoring First Nations Youth who have demonstrated interest in Tech and Business.
Forbes announced Virtual Gurus as being one of the top 19 Innovative Tech Startups to watch. Bobbie’s company works with clients who are Fortune 500 executives, startup entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
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