Build A Work Culture That Supports Women

by | Nov 2, 2021 | blog, mindset

We often hear that entrepreneurship is lonely. 

Well… it’s only lonely when you don’t have a community. Or when you don’t feel supported by other women.

That’s why I urge entrepreneurs to establish an environment where women support each other. A community where women network comfortably. 

Anytime you invite women to a space where they feel authentically welcome, they bring the magic. 

The room opens for deep, meaningful connections that carry into our business and personal life. Success is celebrated. Support, inspiration, and motivation are given and received. 

Keep reading to learn how to build a supportive culture in your business. 

Amplify other women’s voices.

A culture that listens intently and values women’s voices is critical for growth — as a business, and within society in general. 


Women’s voices are not heard as often around decision-making tables. 

Research tells us that when a woman has an idea or suggestion, a man builds on it. Then it becomes the man’s idea. 

During Obama’s administration, women staffers experienced how tough it was to exert influence during the president’s first term.

So they devised a strategy called “amplification” to hammer one another’s points during meetings.  

After one woman offered an idea, if it wasn’t acknowledged, another woman would repeat it and give her colleague credit for suggesting it. It’s simple and effective. 

Here are a few ways you can amplify other women in your business:

  • Share their stories on social media. 
  • Bring diversity and inclusion training to your staff.  
  • Encourage women to take leadership roles on your teams. 
  • Celebrate the success of women around us! 

Cheerlead your staff.

It never hurts to tell someone they do a good job. Or acknowledge when someone has done something big (or little) to support you. 

Schedule an extra ten minutes into your next team meeting to try this out:

  • Give a quick shout-out to someone on your team who did something impressive this month.
  • End the meeting with celebrations. Celebrate your achievement, another employee in the room, or someone who isn’t there but has exciting news. 

Remember our grandmothers.

Why does any of this matter?

Why should you create a work culture that amplifies and cheerleads women? 

Because a supportive work culture lays the foundation for women in the future. 

Think about it like this:

A young woman was speaking to a large crowd. At one point, she looked down and saw she was standing on her grandmother’s shoulders. She held out her hand because she wanted her grandmother to see what she could see. The grandmother shook her head and said no, her job was to keep the foundation strong so the granddaughter could see further than she could.

If you never met your grandmothers, you can draw on the strength of all of our collective foremothers:

  • The women who gave birth at home year after year. 
  • The women who bucked tradition. 
  • The women who advocated for rights they didn’t see in their lifetime. 
  • The women who lived with violence. 
  • The women without access to education. 
  • The women that kept going… despite the weight of the patriarchy on their shoulders. 

Remember that you stand on their shoulders. And you are building a business that supports other women, so they can see further than yourself.

Take action

Check out these options for supporting women and try out the ones that feel best for you.

  • Join the She Rules Facebook Community I’ve created for this very purpose.
  • Attend your local chamber of commerce mixers.
  • Join the local business women’s association.
  • Take five minutes to send a note to a woman you think is doing a great job or who is doing something hard.



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