Don’t Let Chronic Illness Slow Your Stride

by | Nov 17, 2021 | blog, mindset, Self Care

I have lived with a chronic disease (Meniere’s Disease) for most of my adult life. This forced me to develop strategies to thrive in life AND business. But, let’s be clear. These tips still apply if you don’t have an illness.

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to integrate their complex life as a woman into a successful business strategy, check out these tips:

  1. Be Flexible With Yourself

The biggest advice I give to business owners is to be kind to yourself.

I struggled with this until I developed the “Be Kind, Be Gentle, Be Firm” mindset.

During periods when Meniere’s symptoms flare up, I give myself grace. I use kind and gentle self-talk and recognize that my body is doing the best it can at the moment.

The next day, after the symptoms are less debilitating, I firmly push myself to get up and go for a walk to keep mentally and physically healthy.

Listen to your body throughout the day to decide to push through or press Pause.

  • Record any patterns where you often feel rushed, upset, overwhelmed, or irritated.
  • Find moments to break up those patterns and replace them with processes or activities that serve you.
  • And when you confront a challenge, remember to be kind and gentle during the moment, and firmly get back on track when you are able.

2. Put In What You Wish To Receive 

But being kind and gentle doesn’t stop with you.

You must put into the world what you hope to receive from it. Here’s what I mean:

I never used to speak openly about suffering from Meniere’s Disease. I told myself stories based on society’s stigma towards disabilities and illness. (e.g. That clients might not trust I could manage their work)

Now, I speak about my entrepreneurial success AND my chronic illness.

I want to rewrite the stigmatized stories I grew up hearing. And spread new, hopeful stories in their place.

The reality is that we all have our invisible “thing(s)” that challenges us… and we have learned tricks to cope with the symptoms.

I try to accommodate the challenges that my clients, staff, and business partners face. This win/win situation satisfies their preferences, and I get a work environment that is more understanding and receptive of my own “off” days.

Once you switch to offering what you wish to receive, what you get in return will make it easier to do the things you love doing, even if other aspects of life are hard.

3. Sitting With Discomfort 

Meniere’s Disease has an interesting way of impacting my conversations.

Recently my son asked, “Did you walk away from me earlier because you were mad at me, or because you didn’t hear me?”

Well, it turns out I didn’t hear him and I thought the conversation we were having had ended!

Experiences like this taught me to empower my family and crew to feel comfortable coming to me with questions

One way to begin opening your communication is by sitting with your discomfort. Meditate. Fully experiencing your feelings and those presented to you by others.

Why would you want to soak in a pool of emotion?

Because just like my son felt safe asking me something that could have led to an uncomfortable conversation, your staff should feel safe coming to you with information that can be hard to say. Or hard to hear.

Wrapping Up

My family sees me as the person who is doing, and pushing, and achieving. And is also the person who can’t get out of bed sometimes.

If you have ever pushed yourself near the breaking point to achieve an ambitious goal, I hope these tips help you make new pathways to success.

Let me know if any of these ideas resonate with you. And be on the lookout for announcements about my upcoming book She Rules: What You Didn’t Know Is Holding You Back In Business!





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