How To Bounce Back

by | Jun 1, 2021 | blog, Self Care

I recently hosted an event called “Still Standing” for women business owners and leaders in our community here in PEI to celebrate the fact that it’s been a really tough year and here we are still standing.

It was amazing – exactly what our community needed. AND I felt terrible about myself for about 24 hours after it was over.

Objectively I knew there was nothing to feel bad about. People really enjoyed this event. It was exactly what I envisioned it to be. Logically, I knew all of that, but emotionally in my heart, I just felt weird. And I’m telling you this because I was surprised by this flood of heavy emotions.

I’ve recorded a video to explain why this came up for me, and what I did to bounce back to being thrilled and proud of the event and my role in it.

You can watch it here:

Your turn: Let me know how you have bounced back over the past year!





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