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  • 3 Simple Hacks To A Positive Outlook… When You Don’t Feel Like It
    It takes effort to remember and refocus on the beauty within each day. But with time and tiny steps, it does get easier. I know developing a positive outlook might sound insignificant, but I believe the stories and ideas you tell yourself are what influences the world. Here’s three mindset tips you can use to re-focus on what you can control and let go of what you cannot. Use them any time life seems a bit TOO unbearable […]
  • Find Hidden Opportunities To Make The Most Of Your Time
    You, your life, and your business constantly change. In this blog I’ll show you a simple way to gather information about how you spend time in your business and in your personal life. Use this entrepreneurial data to see your life in a new light and adapt to new situations on the fly. The extra perk: Keeping your business growth on track just got a bit easier […]
  • Resilient Businesses: How To Develop A Mindset That Overcomes
    Do you want to build a resilient business? One that weathers any storm? I have an inspirational story that captures the ideal mindset that will help you bounce back. Around the water-cooler, do they complain of looming project deadlines? Is the atmosphere of the office tenser than you KNOW it should feel? It might be time to reevaluate the work culture. […]