5 Inspiring Stories of Business Owners Making the World Better

by | May 31, 2022 | blog, Business Planning, mindset

Business is great because it can change traditional power dynamics. 

Sure, people launch businesses for profit. 

But I’ve always stood by the idea that business can be a force for good.

Today is National Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day, and to celebrate, I wanted to highlight some business owners doing great things, however small, for their community.

 If you’re in the mood for a few heartwarming stories (and who isn’t these days?), take a look at these entrepreneurs:

Barry Epling Gives Back With Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs (yahoo.com)

A health & wellness entrepreneur, Barry Epling, created a $1,000 scholarship program for high school students interested in business courses. 

He believes knowledge is the key to making great business decisions and solving problems. He wants to help students gain that very knowledge. 

While it’s not always necessary to have an MBA to run a successful business, it’s always a good idea to get help when you need it, especially when it comes to filling knowledge gaps. 

Kudos to Barry for reaching back to help budding entrepreneurs get started! 

Companies like GBatteries and MindBridge step up for Ukraine | The Star

Invest Ottawa, an economic development agency for which I recently gave a keynote speech, has provided office space to Ukraine refugees forced to leave their home careers. 

Several other tech companies volunteered to offer their aid and launch initiatives to help with visa applications.  

These businesses chose to help those in desperate need. It’s a lovely reminder that we can always try to do better. We can make decisions that keep our business aligned with our values. 

Business owner helps raise over $2K for local cancer patients, families | News, Sports, Jobs – The Express (lockhaven.com)

A bakery owner, Chuck Tameris, donated dozens of shirts and small items to a local basketball game to raise money for cancer patients.

The fundraiser supplies funeral funds and gas money to attend treatments. The items from Chuck ended up being the largest single donation in the history of that small-town fundraiser!  

Here’s a satisfying story of how much small actions matter. 

We can stack small wins for ourselves, and we can also look for opportunities to help our community stack small wins too. 

Local entrepreneur hosts first-ever networking event to help inspire other female business owners (wrdw.com)


A woman business owner, Marquitta Rucker, created a networking program (InfluencerHER) so other women entrepreneurs can find business resources and capital.

In 2020, Marquitta received help from a different program and launched her business. She created this networking event to do the same thing for other women.

What better way to build relationships than to launch a program for other ambitious women with similar goals as yourself? 

I love Marquitta’s desire to cheerlead others and create something that will build strong relationships over time!

 “That’s what I do” – Byhalia business owner helping others | localmemphis.com

Erica Tunstall, a restaurant owner, was one of the only business owners who hadn’t lost electricity during a two-day blackout. 

She invited other community members (and “competitors”) to come over for free Internet and a warm space. She wanted everybody to have a safe place to go. 

Supporting the change you wish to see in the world doesn’t have to be a world-changing action. Your business can develop a reputation for small acts of kindness within the community.  

Something as simple as providing a coffee and a kind ear could make all the difference to someone. 


Your clients and staff are also your neighbors; they are the community you want to support with your business endeavors. 

So be conscious of opportunities where you can do something good. Large or small. Something that will make your community smile. 

P.S. And check out my community group to hear stories from other entrepreneurs who aim to make the world a better place. 





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