3 Simple Hacks To A Positive Outlook… When You Don’t Feel Like It

by | Oct 12, 2021 | blog, mindset, Self Care

Today I challenge you to see the good things in life. 

Because I firmly believe that your thoughts, time, and energy influence the external world.

Your ideas about the world change your personal decisions and your business decisions.

But, it’s really hard to have a positive attitude in the face of relentless shitty situations. 

Especially the days when your biggest accomplishment is simply getting out of bed.

…Or on the days when your ambitious plans crash. 

…Or when you’re consumed with anxiety.  

It’s going to take effort to remember and refocus on the beauty within each day. Even the most challenging ones… But with time and tiny steps, it does get easier. 

The practical tips below are perfect additions to your mindset toolbox. Use them on difficult days when seeing the bright side sounds like a fantasy.

Tip 1) Remember your strength.

When you feel particularly miserable, it’s much easier to focus on negative thoughts that fuel the fire of your misery. 

Switch it up.

Remind yourself that you beat a similar rough patch before. You survived extraordinary pain in the past. You lived through many tough situations in relationships, business, and life.

These difficult moments are temporary, and you have overcome hardships before. 

This pat-on-the-back might be just the thing you need to refocus on life’s silver lining.

Tip 2) Step into your 7% zone.

Growth occurs when you live 7% outside your comfort zone. 

But on awful days that feel like a gut-punch, 7% seems unachievable. It feels like a slap in the face! How can you be expected to give MORE when you hit your emotional limit?

Trust me, I’ve been there. And here’s my workaround:

Sometimes The 7% Zone means taking one temporary step outside your misery to do something, anything, toward your ultimate goal.

A close family member passed away? Certainly, it’s not the week to launch your side business. But, you might give yourself a gentle push outside your comfort zone and answer a few emails. Or record a quick Loom memo for your team.

Today’s 7% Zone is different from the 7% Zone you would jump into on the days you have a sunny, eager mood.

Give yourself grace. Restructure your comfort zone to be an appropriate stretch

Sure, shitty days make you think: “I can’t do THAT!”, but they shouldn’t make you say: “I can’t do ANYTHING!

Growth occurs when you live 7% outside your comfort zone. And small growth, like a change of attitude, still counts. It’s all about stockpiling small wins. You’ve got this. 

Tip 3) Reframe your language.

Rather than think in “either/or” language, I invite you to adopt “yes/and”.

Like this:

. . . Yes, COVID was awful, and I spent more time with my family. 

. . . Yes, I can be a serious business owner and cancel a meeting. 

. . . Yes, I can be fiercely ambitious and feel exhausted. 

Nothing is one-dimensional

Adopting “yes/and” thoughts helps you balance the scale. 

This language is an invitation to include a rosy companion with any negative beliefs you can’t escape. 

Try these ideas for yourself.

Positive thinkers focus on what they can control and let go of what they cannot. A positive mental attitude builds your emotional resilience.  

Add these tips to your mindset toolbox today:

  • If you’re playing hurt, stop to remember times when you overcame hardship. Remember that you are stronger than you think.
  • Switch your thoughts from: “I’m a terrible businesswoman—I can’t even land a guest-spot on this podcast” to “I’m grateful my marketing director knows how to advertise my work and get amazing leads.”
  • Do something today that is 7% outside your comfort zone. And let me know what you discovered!




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